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Help with Lupus & Inflammation

"A year ago, I kept running into this charismatic mom in the parking lot at school.  I had been feeling pretty down as two years prior I had been diagnosed with lupus.  I had recently suffered a knee injury, and my inflammation levels were so high that my days of trying to just work through the pain lupus was causing me were numbered.  My hair was falling out in clumps.  My eyes were so red they looked bloody.  My face had the telltale scaly butterfly rash across my cheeks and every movement was painful.  I looked at this happy mom and thought, I need a new friend.  Little did I know, she would turn out to be my life saver.  As I introduced myself to Jem Roberts, all my health problems came pouring out of my mouth and the tears came out of my eyes.  She gave me the biggest hug and said before the rheumatologist puts you on the meds, let me try to help with your diet.  Our goal was inflammation levels.  I was off the charts.  Little steps with the goal of bettering my pain, lessening my lupus symptoms, and staying on my goal of managing my lupus without immunosuppressant medication (working in a school that is a very tough idea and I would essentially be out of work).  Little by little, day by day, change by change, my life improved.  I went back to my routine appointment with my rheumatologist and they actually undiagnosed my lupus.  My inflammation levels are completely under control.  Daily people comment on my clear skin, even without makeup, which after having the scales of a lizard, is heart warming every time!  On top of that, to date, I’ve lost 87 pounds.  I’ve had to buy new clothes and realign where my new body is.  Things that used to cause me pain or discomfort are easier now.  I know my journey is still ongoing, but had I not emotionally unloaded on Jem that day in the parking lot, I can easily say my life might be very different right now.  I thank her weekly and send her random pictures of my little wins.  If you find yourself considering if this move is the right decision for you, I can answer with a resounding yes.  Jem can help with your goals, whether you see them as realistic or not.  For me, the thought of lupus without medication was seeming unrealistic as my days were spent in pain in bed, but here I am because I trusted in her and the process.  Make a change for yourself for the betterment of your life.  I’m so thankful I did!"

Jennifer Z. Age 41, Everett, WA


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