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Nutritional Therapy, Psychoneuroimmunology, & intuitive guidance

M. Jem Roberts, CNTP

Nutritional Therapist Practitioner
Helping others to create homeostasis in their body physiologically, immunologically, psychologically, energetically, microbiologically, physically, and genetically by addressing route causes of gut dysbiosis, immunodeficiencies, malnourishment, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, energetic imbalances, spiritual traumas, and overall dis-ease of the body.

Thank you for taking the time to look outward in finding guidance for your inner journey.  I'm always happy to meet new faces and guide individuals towards seeking freedom from, well, themselves.  My education is merely a formality to the lifestyle I harness. 

The experiences that I've undergone for this initiation in life would be my true school and all the people that I have come into contact with in some form or another have been and are my teachers-my true PhD of life.  I talk about the hard subjects, the underlying belief systems, the reason 'healthy' choices are hard, the excuses we all hide behind.  I hold myself accountable and I offer this accountability to the people I work with.  There are a lot of distractions in life, a lot of reasons why it's easier to hide these problems and associations we have instead of face them head on.  Some people like to go deep into the past to work forward, but I see a greater power in working on the now.  The problems we face day to day are truly the flowers or weeds that have grown from the seeds of the past.  We experience our past through the thoughts we have minute to minute day to day, year to year.  They don't change unless we decide to challenge them.  We do this through intention and we follow through with intention by creating habits.  Habits we agree with, thoughts we decide, and intentions we intend.  Together we can create a healthy relationship with food, our thoughts, and our body.  We can have stronger relationships with our partners and more importantly ourselves.  We can attract friends that support our growth and repair our connections with family. We can work to strengthen the spiritual connection with our higher self and understand our path purpose.  We can work to nourish our body and mind while minimizing environmental toxins.  We can learn and even reprogram our minds from being trapped by the stressors that we surround ourselves with.  There are so many things we can do to create a nourishing lifestyle and bring intention to our lives.  Welcome!  I'm so glad our paths have crossed because I intend to guide you toward the answers you are looking for.


Meet Jem

Concepts that support foundational changes..

They help to define gray areas


Learn how the digestive system acts as the 'second-brain' to the body and embodies most of the immune system functions.


Rediscover spirituality and live life with the sense of wonder, joy and acceptance children often display before they become indoctrinated into adulthood.  Find that inner voice and learn to listen again.


Discover where toxins come from and how they weaken the immune and digestive systems.  Learn how to improve the quality of products used in the home and on the body while improving the quality of the environment as well.

Women's Health

Explore emotional boundaries and associations related to hormone imbalances.  Understand the effects of hormone therapy and menopause.  Unleash the inner Goddess that quietly observes other Goddesses without judgement or comparison and rejoins the forces of woman-kindnesss and empowerment!

Weight Loss

Learn how underlying belief systems, stress and fear work against the body system to remove stored fat and toxins.  Understand how the gut is a second brain to releasing excess energy storage.


Understand how the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems work to attain balance in our environment and how stress compromises mood, digestion, hormone balance, weight, liver, nervous system and immune system functions.



"I struggled with food most of my life.  I always felt like I had a bad relationship with food.  After talking with Jem I learned how certain foods affect digestion of other foods and how my thinking of foods was contributing to this horrible relationship I had created.  The thoughts I had about food were interfering with the way I looked at food.  Jem really helped me in creating a positive relationship with food and I had no idea how that would extend into other parts of my life, including relationships with my family.  It's incredibly life changing and I'm so thankful to have her as a mentor.  I'm so grateful Jem that you have given me insight to a life of joy and freedom from the weight of being overweight.  It has been so eye-opening. 

-Jessica F. Seattle, Wa

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