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Intuitive Nutritional Therapy

h M. Jem Roberts

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

You might be surprised to know that Hippocrates was the founder of western medicine, especially with the philosophy of letting food be the very medicine that heals the body.  Not something you would typically associate with western medicine as the approach to addressing any ailments of the body has virtually nothing to do with healing the root cause.  In fact it's quite the opposite.  Addressing the root cause of disease by means of prevention in a holistic manner has been largely demonized over the years by many who refer to this eastern philosophy of disease prevention as 'unproven quackery science'.  However, this is far from the truth.  Molecular biology proves much of the 'quackery science' in disease prevention and peer reviewed scientific literature marvel at the genius of nature's ability to heal and reverse disease.  The only problem is it's very difficult to recreate what God has already perfected.  Even more difficult to make a significant profit off something that can grow for free.  That's not to say that there can't be money made from farming but a healthy, disease-free nation doesn't make others rich.  What does make people wealthy is disease, sickness, drugs, and fear. 

I don't subscribe to that agenda.  In fact, that agenda makes me sick.  That's why I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about healing the body and helping others in the process.  What I've discovered is that healing is actually a lot more simpler than it's been made out to be.  As a society we've been mislead so much that we no longer remember the knowledge our ancestors left for us.  We've bought into the indoctrination of memorizing information and making money, that we've forgotten about critical thinking and looking out for one another. 

The knowledge was hidden in plain sight.  Molecular biology is the foundation to what all scientific research is based upon, yet, we never thought to look at the scientific text books to understand reducing and even eliminating risk to most diseases.  Instead we believed what others told us, even if what they were telling us was lies.  We paid for the supplements, we took the drugs, and we did the diets because we didn't know better.   Ever hear the term, ignorance is bliss?  In this case, ignorance is a disease.  I know I'm being harsh, but it's not because I don't care about you.  Hell, I probably don't even know you but I don't have to know you to care about you.  I care about you because you are a human being and we are all connected one nation under God, indivisible.  

Now, I'll give you a warning, what you'll get from me will be incredibly important knowledge and what you do with it is completely your choice.  I want nothing more than to help you heal from whatever ailments are harming you, but I cannot do this alone.  I'll provide the knowledge, but it's up to you, to do the work.  It's up to you, to help yourself.  I'm simply the messenger of truth and wisdom and that's my job.  Please read further to understand more about my services and what I have to offer.

If for some reason, you cannot afford my services, please contact me to find out when and where I'll be hosting a health and wellness speaking events so that you can get this knowledge free of charge.  God Bless.

Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and Fitness Inspiration

CNTP, Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

The INT Level Program was created to help guide individuals towards understand their intentions and create their goals in a way that institutes harmony in their mind, body, and soul. 

First by creating a solid foundation within the body and with that so much of the outside world starts to make sense.  Much of the suffering we experience is a result of systemic imbalances.  These imbalances occur when our body is in a toxic state.  Toxins wreak havoc on all parts of our body.  Hormones are responsible for every cellular activity in the body and without hormones we would not survive.  Hormones regulate responses to inner and external forces.  Hormonal responses occur in stress and relaxation, that is they are part of the sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).  Hormones control how we experience the world.  Yet it might be very surprising to know that the most toxic substance found in the body is hormones. 

So, if our hormones are not balanced, how can we expect to be balanced?  We can't.  While hormones contribute to a large portion of the imbalances in the body there are other contributors as well.  One of the many goals of the INT level program is to create balance in the body, this balance is called homeostasis.  When there's balance internally, it is easier to create balance externally. 

To illustrate with an analogy, when you are out of balance it will feel like everything you do requires tremendous effort.  Like swimming upstream against a very strong current while in the midst of a torrential downpour.  When there is inner balance, the stream we were swimming against in the raging storm, has now subsided to a calm low current stream and the clouds part to expose the sun.  Only now, we are no longer swimming against the stream but rather we are swimming in the flow of the stream.  It would then make sense that while we are flowing with the stream we are able to see the beauty around us.  This is very similar to how we will experience the world once we obtain homeostasis.  Everything begins to make sense as our body becomes more and more balanced so do we. 

Everyone's journey is their own and so is how fast a person can help remedy their own imbalances.  This is why there are levels.  Though it's important to understand that although there are many roads that lead us to a certain destination, the destination is the same for everyone.  All who follow the path shall lead them to this beautiful balance.

Check out the INT Level Program to get started!

Fitness Inspiration


Inspiring others to take care of their body both inside and out is vital for Jem.  Fitness works synergistically with nutrition to help support a healthy body. 

More importantly, fitness plays a role in the supporting the normal growth of tissues and bones via stimulating growth hormones.  It is therefor vital that exercise be done appropriately and when the body has had time to heal and reach homeostasis.

Exercise causes the body to release hormones, especially cortisol and adrenaline.  It is therefor essential that individuals seeking optimal health are taking the appropriate steps to incorporate a solid nutritional foundation before adding fitness to their regimen.  This is explained in the INT level program and speaking events.

Once an individual is ready to begin adding a fitness routine to their nutrition foundation, Jem introduces a new way of adding fitness into the routine.  The approach is very simple, yet takes on a role of a much gentler approach to the typical fitness routines. 

For most individuals making it to the gym for some can be just as challenging as the workouts themselves.   That's where the INT Fitness App comes in.  It was created to bridge the gap between the gym and home.  It has instructional videos designed to increase workout efficacy while integrating with the INT Level Program. 

As each individual progresses through their level goals in the INT Level Program they can match this progression in the INT Fitness App when they are ready to start doing so. 

This app can be used at home or in the gym depending on the individual's preferences.  All workouts align with the INT Level Program but can also be used for those who are not currently enrolled in INT level program too.

Coming soon... the new fitness App!

What do you Intend?

INT level Program

The INT Level Program is divided into four separate categories from beginner to expert.
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About M. Jem Roberts

Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (CNTP), since 2014
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), since 2023
Interpersonal Health Advocate, since 2012
Independent Research & CE in Molecular Biology, Jungian Psychology, Law of Attraction, underlying thought patterns, and mental health
Trained Athlete Competitive Bodybuilder, since 2019
Fitness Model, since 2023 (Published coming soon...)

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