What do you intend?

Initial Session

The initial session begins with 90-minutes geared towards understanding current challenges and prospective goals.  Prospective goals may include losing weight and reducing joint pain; reducing fatigue and increasing energy; eliminating acid reflux and reducing heart burn;  increasing overall health and reducing risk to disease; deceasing inflammatory markers and boosting immune system functions; lowering blood pressure and decreasing cardiovascular disease; and the list of reasons goes on.

As straightforward as this may seem, over the years I have discovered that no matter the goal, the solution has never been as simple as 1, 2, 3.  For example when a dietary protocol alone is provided to an individual and they are simply instructed to follow the diet, more often than not the protocol is met with failure.  Oddly enough it has less to do with an individual's lack of willpower and more to do with what the protocol was missing.  The same appears to hold true with psychological treatment plans that focus entirely on mental health issues but do not include protocols for nutrition. 

I believe this occurs because most medical treatments approaches humans as if they are an automobiles.  Ailments are dissected into components: mental health is a problem of the brain, cancer is a problem of the genes, arthritis is a problem of age, heart disease is a problem of arterial disease, diabetes is a problem of insulin production, osteoporosis is a problem of insufficient vitamins, and so on. The solution becomes even more dissected and usually requires band-aid solutions like prescribing drugs and/or supplements.  Often times the solution also involves removing agitators like salt for high-blood pressure. 

It is important to understand that these ailments are not independent components of the body and instead are all connected together affecting each other collectively. Therefor, if a person were prescribed statins to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease, which many believe lower LDL cholesterol, whatever caused the LDL to be high has not been resolved.  It is merely a band-aid solution and unfortunately this isn't a cut. 
So the question becomes, what else will be affected?  

The important concept to understand is that everything is connected. When the body can reach a state of homeostasis a lot of the emotional and mental imbalances begin to balance out.  When this happens, alternative therapies can work.  For example, when inflammation is reduced or eliminated, physical therapy time shortens and patients recover quicker and easier.  When hormones are balanced, psychiatrists are able to help their patient with trauma more effectively and help the patient come off of their anti-depressants.  This is why I was inspired to create the BNT level program.

This initial session is more of an interview and assessment.  If an individual is ready to meet their goals and are open, ready, and willing to do what it takes to overcome any challenges, the initial session will quickly transition into the first stage of the BNT Level Program.  This is where the real magic happens.  

If a transition into the first stage of the BNT Level Program is not possible at this time, the individual will only be charged for the initial session fee up to 90-minutes.*

The Initial session starts with 90-minutes and may extend longer if needed.

IMPORTANT:  Although these sessions may go over 90-minutes, many individuals take about 90-minutes for their first session which often expands into the first stage of BNT Level Program.

*Full price is charged for up to 90-minutes, if a session is less than 90-minutes no refunds or discounts will be provided.
If you have questions prior to meeting, please contact me using the form below to ask questions prior to booking an initial session. 

  • $160 Initial Session

Price for Initial Session includes (1) 90-minute session*

*If Initial session extends beyond 90-minutes, additional charge will apply.

  • $50 Add-on Extension

Price for Initial Session Extension 30-minutes added onto Initial session*

*Must purchase Initial session before adding initial session extension.

**Please go to BNT Level Program for more information regarding progr
am package options.

Still not sure if you're ready to start your initial session or if it's what you're looking for?  Let me know what you intend and we can begin there.