What do you intend?

Nutrition Principles Overview


  • diet fads and trends are quick fixes with poor results
  • counting calories is misleading and harmful 
  • supplements are not required for healing
  • reducing or eliminating the reliance on pharmaceuticals 
  • intrinsic factors of whole foods benefit the human body
  • faulty science (myths) are misleading 
  • molecular biology lays the foundation for understanding the connection to health and wellness
  • creating a home environment that is non-toxic
  • understanding the importance in hormones and addiction behaviors (dopamine and adrenaline)
  • learn how hormones are the most toxic substance in the human body
  • every biological process requires hormones
  • reducing or eliminating risk to most diseases
  • sugars impacts on the immune system and inflammatory disease
  • common ingredients in household items are more toxic than glyphosates
  • improving cholesterol
  • and so much more...

What is Intuitive Nutritional Therapy and what is the INT Level Program?

INT is an acronym with a double meaning, one represents Intuitive Nutritional Therapy and another represents INTention. 

Nutrition is essential to experiencing a body free from dis-ease and reasons an individual would want to make nutritional changes relies on the foundational understanding of their intentions.  When an individual sets intentions to live a healthier lifestyle and make/meet healthier nutritional goals, they no longer have the same previous limitations that they once had before. They are then able to navigate the world around in a greater state of homeostasis (a self-regulating process by which an organism can maintain internal stability while adjusting to changing external conditions).

The INT Level Program contains levels designed to incorporate integration of dietary and intentional practices that enhance progress.  Just as the diet itself will include many strategic changes in a way that will help each individual overcome burden of physiological imbalances, so will the intentional practices promote accountability, awareness, and enlightenment.  These components work together to help form healthy habits.  When these habits are formed, progression can be made at the speed of each individuals efficacy.  This means that each individual will be able to grow and progress at their own comfort and speed. 
The goal is to make progress and the program is designed to help individuals achieve their own intentions.

A Deeper Explanation

Intuitive Nutritional Therapy is nutrition-based therapy using intuitive intelligence for guidance.  This guidance stems from decades of wisdom going beyond the general scope of a diagnosis an individual might obtain at the doctor's office to focus more on preventative care.  Although a diagnosis can be helpful to inform an individual how their body is compensating for imbalances, it's also important to understand that doctors are trained to manage diseases while the goal of Intuitive Nutritional Therapy is to reduce or remove an individual's need for medical intervention.  Whether from medication or treatment, the focus on the root causes for why that individual formed the unhealthy habits that created the disease in the first place is where INT begins.

How a band-aid can lead to a stroke

  • A doctor can see a patient concerning high blood pressure and lightly discuss managing risks for serious health problems including lifestyle changes that a patient can make to manage high blood pressure.  Unfortunately, these general recommendations are minimal at best and if they are accompanied with a prescription for medication may mislead a patient into thinking the medication is helping prevent a more serious disease.  
  • Another example of a band-aid is the prescription of metformin for diabetes.  This prescription does not support prevention and often leads to more serious adverse health affects because it essentially delays the inevitable which is the resulting diabetes.

However, disease is not an inevitable consequence of life, it's an inevitable consequence of the poor (poor diet, poor habits, ignorance, and lack of education).  Take that in for a minute.  So, what is disease?  Disease is a symptom of a body that is at dis-ease.  Dis - is the Latin prefix for "apart" or "away" and ease means "the condition of being comfortable or relieved; freedom from pain."  In other words, disease is the body uncomfortable, in pain and in distress.  This is why it's so important to look at the root cause of pain and suffering to discover what is causing a person to make choices that progress their dis-ease.  It's not always as simple as stopping a habit or making a different choice.  A lot of the time it's about why someone is unable to change their habits, form new ones, and achieve their goals.  This explanation represents the intuitive/intentional portion of INT.  However, it should be understood that many choices are based off of feelings and feelings are influenced if not completely lead by hormones.  When hormones are imbalanced many of the neurological processes are negatively affected resulting in emotional distress that often accompanies the why someone may be making the decisions they are making.

The other much larger portion of INT focuses on a nutritional foundation.  Just as it's difficult to make dietary changes without understanding why an individual would want to make these changes, it's another challenge to address that why when the body is burdened by an unhealthy diet.  Fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, headaches, cramps, weakness, depression, anxiety, weight problems, chronic stress, increased aging, constipation, acid reflux, asthma, high blood pressure, etc. etc.  the list goes on for miles with all the symptoms of dis-ease and these problems really affect our desire to achieve our intentions.  The standard American diet (SAD) has added to our biology components that cause most, if not all, of these afflictions.  Food is thy medicine and thy medicine is food.  If food is toxic, the medicine is toxic.  This is why a healthy diet is so essential.  

When these forces are combined, an individual is able to make collective progress in the mind, body, and soul much quicker than if they were to focus on these elements alone.  The more connected and healthy the mind and body are, the more the soul can thrive.  A thriving soul is more competent and capable to creating, expressing, and achieving their intentions in life. 

Initial One-on-one session

The initial session is the first part to the INT Level Program.  During this session, a number of things will be discussed covering areas from health concerns, experiences, struggles, habits, goals, and of course intentions.  Some individuals may feel as though they've "lost their way" or they can't seem to "stay on a diet" or they "lack a sense of purpose or willpower".  Regardless of any underlying limiting beliefs or limitations, the goal is to understand that intentions play a significant role in achieving success.  
The initial session can take anywhere from 60-minutes to 4 hours depending on the individual.  However, the goal is to complete the initial session obtaining as much information as possible and provide the individual with the necessary elements required for the INT Level Program, Beginner Lvl 1.   Most individuals will start at level 1, however, depending on progressive circumstances some individuals may start at a higher level. 


INT Level Program

The program is divided into advanced levels from Beginner to Expert.  Please note though that the Expert level program is only for those looking to obtain expert help (e.g., sports performance, athletes, professionals, etc.) It is required that an individual has achieved completion of the Advanced level 7 before moving into the Expert levels to ensure a solid foundation.  This expert level is referred out to specific professionals who have an understanding of the INT Level Program.