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Food Quality, The Silent Plague of the 21st Century

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Welcome to the world of highly-processed, genetically-modified, chemically-induced, pharmaceutically-treated so-called food that most individuals consume as a majority of their Standard American Diet (SAD).

In a world where disease is main cause of death, it's not really a surprise that most of disease is caused by how our body responds to the environment it's subject to; both internally and externally. The internal health of our body depends on having a fully-functioning immune system, equally operational digestive system, and access to an array of high-quality nutrients from the foods we eat. It's easy to think that we could just pop a pill or take an over-the-counter drug to induce the kind of internal health we'd love to have in order to prevent disease, but realistically that's not how our body was designed to function. In our fast-growing modern society due to societal revolutions much of our external environment has become quite toxic. Not only to humans but rather all life including the planet itself.

With the ever-increasing disarray of environmental pollutants driven from consumer-profited corporations our external environment, our land, has become increasingly depleted from nutrients and our waters unsuitable for consumption, much of this reflected in the food and water we consume as well as the air we breath. This more-less forms the foundation to what makes a toxic environment. When we are exposed to our environment we put our body in a state of constant stress for counteracting the acid-forming pollution that we breath, drink, and eat. Toxins put a stress on our body, not just the liver and lymphatic system, but rather our entire biological processes. There is a lot we can do to reduce our toxic-load induced from our external environment including how we expose ourselves to some of the more harmful toxins that exist inside our very home, see "10 Ways To Reduce Toxins Found In The Home".

What is most important to understand here is how these environmental pollutants affect our internal environment, our biological processes and therefor our ability to prevent disease. When our food system becomes polluted and nutrient deficient, when we consume a majority of processed and genetically modified foods, when much of our diet is acid-forming, when our immune system is deficient or even non-existent, we are significantly compromising our ability to coexist in the already toxic environment we are surrounded by. We not only cannot thrive, we cannot survive. What's more is that a majority of American's have accepted this fate as their own, believing in a hopeless manifest that subjects their life to a certain fate with names of: heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity, allergies, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, insulin resistance syndrome cardiovascular disease, MS, Chron's disease, autoimmune disease, Schizophrenia, and cancer (to name only a handful). We've also decided to accept a slough of symptoms as part of this normalcy to life such as depression, anxiety, acne, ADHD, arthritis, heartburn, indigestion, IBS, asthma, high blood pressure, constipation, premenstrual tension, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea, panic attacks, headaches, fungal infections, bacteria infections, yeast infections, eczema, cold sores, hives, memory loss, and most any other kind of symptom that can be labeled without direct diagnosis of a thereby associated disease.

With all the toxins we are exposed to in both our external and internal environment, it's truly useless to assume that a pill could possibly hope to help us out of this predicament. Perhaps, if anything it may pose as a potential to cure the 'head' of a signature symptom by simple means of a 'placebo effect' as there is always a psychological 'cure' to be had. Unfortunately, this may only act to suppress certain symptoms whereabouts unveiling others yet to come. Pills don't heal, they may help, but they do not heal. What heals, what aids in repairing damage, is addressing the larger issue beneath the surface-the quality of food we consume on a daily basis.

The silent plague that slowly works its way to destroy our bodies and our minds lies within the quality of food we consume. Consuming poor quality food, food that is nutrient deficient or laden with chemicals and pesticides wreaks havoc on our organs and immune system. It decreases our ability to absorb nutrients, interferes with digestion, modifies gene expression, and lowers immune system function.

Chemicals and inedible substances in our food supply cause poor food quality and have created an epidemic of disease in the human body.

Use of Probiotics and Prebiotics see "immune system".

Sparks for Homeostasis

Nature gives us two forces to contend with: the process of change , called succession; and the constant attempt to return to stability, or homeostasis. These occur in our inner as well as our outer worlds.

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