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Intuitive Nutritional Therapy

h M. Jem Roberts

Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and Fitness Inspiration

NTP, Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

As a Nutritional therapist practitioner, I help to guide others on the path of intuitive healing. The body is a whole system that works together with how we eat, think, feel, and act. If we are out of alignment we experience it with symptoms. These symptoms are telling us that there's something off. 

For example, when we are depressed we are imbalanced. Often with depression we seek a therapist or are prescribed medication but rarely do we look to nutrition. 

Nutrition plays a key role in the expression of hormones that control dopamine and serotonin.  Nutrition is vital to helping our body to obtain homeostasis (a steady system of optimal function). 

Biologically speaking, we want our body to be functioning at its best so that when or if we are experiencing symptoms, therapies we are seeking have a chance to work. 

Depending on what imbalances we are experiencing as symptoms, the nutritional approach is adjusted to meet the needs of those imbalances.   

The Intuitive Nutritional Therapy (INT) Level Program was created to help guide individuals towards correcting those imbalances in order to obtain homeostasis. 

How: INT level program uses molecular nutrition as the foundation to which this balance is obtained.

When we view the human biology of cellular responses from a molecular perspective we gain critical understanding of these imbalances and form nutritional protocols that address correcting imbalances. 

Later these protocols (goals) serve to lay the framework (lifestyle changes) for the foundation of homeostasis (optimal health).

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Fitness Inspiration


Inspiring others to take care of their body both inside and out is vital for Jem. Fitness works synergistically with balanced nutrition to help support a healthy body. 

More importantly, fitness plays a role in the supporting the normal growth of tissues and bones via stimulating growth hormones. It is therefor vital that exercise be done appropriately and when the body has had time to heal and reach homeostasis.

​​For many individuals trying to make it to the gym can be just as challenging as the workouts themselves.  The INT Fitness App was created to bridge the gap between the gym and home.

Once an individual is ready to begin adding a fitness routine to their nutrition foundation, Jem introduces a new way of incorporating strength training and balanced movements in the INT Fitness App called YogaFit.

YogaFit is a series of instructional videos designed to increase strength, mobility, and balance while decreasing stressors that increase inflammation.

As each individual progresses through their level goals in the INT Level Program they can match this progression in the INT Fitness App when they are ready to start doing so. 

This app can be used at home or in the gym depending on the individual's preferences. All workouts align with the INT Level Program but may also be used for those who are not currently enrolled in the INT level program too.

Exercise causes the body to release hormones, especially cortisol and adrenaline. It is therefor strongly encouraged that individuals seeking optimal health are taking the appropriate steps to incorporate a solid nutritional foundation (through the INT Level Program) before adding fitness to their regimen. This is explained in the INT level program and speaking events.

Coming soon... the new fitness App!

What do you Intend?

INT level Program

The INT Level Program is divided into four separate categories from beginner to expert.
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About M. Jem Roberts

Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (CNTP), since 2014
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), since 2023
Interpersonal Health Advocate, since 2012
Independent Research & CE in Molecular Biology, Jungian Psychology, Law of Attraction, underlying thought patterns, and mental health
Trained Athlete Competitive Bodybuilder, since 2019
Fitness Model, since 2023 (Published coming soon...)